The Pink Ribbon Racket

If you’re tired of the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry having co-opted pink ribbons as their symbol for “raising money for the cure”, join us in wearing THIS pink ribbon symbolizing their fraud, waste, empty promises and lies.

After 60 years and one trillion dollars in cancer “research” donations alone, where is the “cure”? After people have been giving their hard earned money all these years to the millionaires and billionaires of Big Pharma to further inflate their huge salaries, and to vivisectors for animal experimentation, a scientific fraud that harms all life on this planet, what have they come up with? Nothing! They have not discovered a “cure” to any disease and, to cancer patients, they still offer the same toxic therapies that they perpetuated on a gullible, unsuspecting public in the 1930’s; surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Order this button, wear it proudly, and when asked why, you can explain how the public has been duped into giving money to the very industry that is killing them with their toxic chemicals. Tell them there ARE cures but since they don’t involve drugs and invasive procedures, BIG PHARMA has no interest in advertising them. On the contrary, they suppress all information about prevention, natural cures and non-invasive therapies. Their huge profits depend on people getting sick and staying that way. BIG PHARMA has about as much interest in making people healthy as the military-industrial complex has in world peace. It’s all about money and using every trick in the book (emotional, tear-jerking million dollar commercials, photos of sick children and babies, kindly vivisectors holding test tubes, dire warnings of imminent epidemics) to keep people from using their common sense and saying to themselves “Wait a minute! My parents gave them money! My grandparents gave them money! My great-grandparents gave them money! NO MORE! There must be a better way!” And then realizing that that BETTER WAY is accepting that there is no magic “cure”, taking responsibility for their own bodies, reversing years of toxic chemical damage and unhealthy diets, with detoxification and enzyme therapies, strengthening their immune systems, and nurturing the body’s needs.

It’s time for the good guys to help people get their common sense back. Wear a button. Turn the tide.

If not a PRISM member, you can order buttons by sending a check for $4 for a 2” button and $3 for a 1” button which will cover manufacture, and postage and handling.

If you are a member, send a check for $3 for a 2” button and $2 for a 1” button.

If you want to become a member, print out the membership form, send in your membership fee and get either a 1” or 2” button for free.

PRISM’S address is 16161 Ventura Blvd., Suite 460C Encino, CA 91436

For a PINK RIBBON RACKET handout that explains your button to an inquiring person, click here for a pdf you can print out and copy.