Jerry Lewis and Muscular Dystrophy

Many years after Jerry Lewis’ career of mugging in front of a camera has mercifully faded to a dim memory he continues to make millions of dollars in his more successful role as a shill for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the pharmaceutical industry. His tear-jerking performances on telethons year after year, begging and pleading for money for “his kids” have not only made him a rich man but are worthy of a lifetime Emmy.

Below are samples of what Jerry REALLY thinks of “his kids” and gives insight into his true personality. These outbursts were inspired by his reaction to people with muscular dystrophy who protest against him for his insulting remarks regarding their disease and the failure of the MDA in meeting the most basic needs of people who are denied wheelchairs, etc.


At an appearance in Chicago while being heckled by disabled activists in wheelchairs he singled out one that was overweight---He commanded security---“Move that living waterbed out of here.”

Imagining himself with muscular dystrophy---...”I realize my life is half, so I must learn to do things halfway. I just have to learn to try to be good at being a half a person...and get on with my life. I may be a full human being in my heart and soul, yet I am still half a person and I know I’ll do well if I keep my priorities in order.”

During an MDA telethon---“If a person is diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) you might as well put a gun in your mouth.”

Regarding the founder of JERRY’S ORPHANS---“This one kid in Chicago would have passed through this life and never had the opportunity to be acknowledged by anybody, but he found out that by being dissident he gets picked up in a limo by a television station.”

When a poster child gets squirmy during a photo session---“What did he get for breakfast? A little Ritalin never hurt anybody.”

Regarding protesters with muscular dystrophy---“It just kills me to think about these people getting publicity. These people are leeches. They all glommed on to being Jerry-bashers. What did they have before that? They’re disabled people who are so bitter at the bad hand they’ve been dealt that they have to take down somebody who’d doing good. There’s nineteen of them but these people can hurt what I have built for forty five years. There’s a million and a half people who depend on what I do! “I’ve raised one billion three hundred million dollars. These nineteen people don’t want me to do that. They want me to stop now? FUCK THEM. Do it in caps. FUCK THEM.”


Jerry brags about having raised over a billion dollars for MD. Ask yourself this question---If you had paid a construction company over a billion dollars over a period of forty-five years to build your dream house and after all those years and all that money all you had to show for it was a porta-potty sitting in the middle of an empty lot, would you keep giving them money?

Unfortunately, people do continue to give money to the drug and research cartels’ disease charities (in the case of cancer, over a trillion dollars) hoping and praying for that “cure around the corner” that never comes.

It is not in the interests of the powerful drug/research companies and lucrative disease charities to disclose to the public that there is no “magic cure” for muscular dystrophy or any other disease. Allopathic, petrochemical-based medicine is palliative at best, and as a rule, deadly. It never addresses the root cause of disease and cannot heal. It merely covers symptoms temporarily, sometimes while the disease continues smoldering, festering and worsening under the surface.

Year after year, for the past half century, MDA researchers have been paid generously for their futile attempts to recreate mock symptoms of muscular dystrophy in chickens and every other animal imaginable. Of course these ridiculous, wasted efforts have led nowhere, while gobbling up billions of tax and donation dollars to be given over to the vivisection lobby, laboratories, and disease charity administrators. Various species of healthy animals, artificially tampered with are not models for spontaneously occurring muscular dystrophy in humans.

If we are paying any attention at all to the myriad television commercials and print ads pushing synthesized, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, we would not be buying or ingesting them ever. We would be running away from them in droves as fast as possible. Admittedly, in the long list of lethal (side) effects, these drugs are far worse than the problems they claim to correct. So they not only do not cure, they cause new, irreversible damage to vital organs, etc. Drug companies do this with no conscience. They deem the masses to be unobservant or mentally dull and unfortunately, that has been the case.

So to everyone who responds to Jerry’s telethon pleas, runs for MDA, walks for MDA and takes part in glittery, celebrity-laden fund raisers and showers the richest industry in the world with “feel good” donations---isn’t it about time you question the futility of your actions? You’ve helped raise over a billion dollars for the drug industry and millions of dollars for Jerry Lewis and you don’t even have a porta-potty to show for it!