Swine Flu Redux

We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes, right? In the case of the Swine Flu Hoax of 1976 the only lesson learned from it was by the vaccine manufacturers; there is much money to be made by deceiving and injuring an unsuspecting, gullible public.

Back in the day, Donald Rumsfeld was President Ford’s Secretary of Defense when the usual suspects of Big Pharma convinced the President a “Swine Flu” epidemic was imminent and they needed 135 million dollars to make vaccines to stave it off. Ford, of course, handed over the money.

It didn’t take long for hundreds of people to be killed and injured by the vaccine. Lawsuits started pouring in but not before Ford and Congress passed legislation promising Big Pharma that the tax payers would foot the bill to pay off the law suits. People were dead and people were paralyzed, but what the heck, there was money to be made.

Years go by and Rummy is employed by Bush to be his Secretary of Defense. He is also associated with a company named GILEAD and in 2006 remembers how easy it is to fear- monger a gullible public. His company spreads rumors of an impending “bird flu” epidemic and sells Roche the production rights to a vaccine called Tamiflu which was a “lackluster” seller but soared in sales after being marketed as the vaccine that will “protect” the public from the dreaded “bird flu”, never mind that humans do not get bird and animal diseases. Rummy makes a cool 5 million before the rumors and the supposed “bird flu” epidemic die out. (Those pesky lawsuits!)

Since the “bird flu” rumors didn’t last as long as hoped for, Roche execs have the bright idea of bringing back “Swine Flu” which worked so well for Big Pharma in 1976. Confident that the gullible public will not remember the 1976 “Swine Flu” Hoax, some sick pigs in Mexico give them a perfect excuse to predict a “pandemic” and before you can say killing-people-with-vaccines-is-a-small-price-to-pay-for-profit, they terrify the world with threats of an epidemic that will annihilate most of the world population. But have no fear, Tamiflu will save the day! Meanwhile, willing doctors report everything from a runny nose to a sore throat as “swine flu” to help convince people they will die if they don’t get vaccinated.

As reports continue to pour in of brain damage, autoimmune disorders, severe headaches, muscle spasms, convulsions, delirium and death from the “Swine Flu” vaccine, the rumors of the destruction of the world population by “swine flu” will eventually be allowed by a complicit media to fizzle out. But Big Pharma’s goal will have been realized; profits in the billions.

After that, all Big Pharma has to do is wait awhile for the public to forget this debacle of a “flu” hoax (shouldn’t take long) and they can predict their next big “pandemic”. Aaaaaah, the heady smell of money gives them much to look forward to.

A letter regarding the unexpected side-effects of the Swine Flu Vaccine in Nordic countries -

Hi Britt,

I hope you have settled in after your move to L.A. Judging from the photos on PRISM's Facebook page the anti-vivisection activities are at full speed in L.A. I hope you can put and end to the vivisection being performed at UCLA. I sure hope to visit L.A. one of these days, it would be very nice to meet you.

The other day I read the "Swine flu redux" article on PRISM's web page and it struck me how well it can be applied to the swine-flu pandemic panic of 2009. I don't know how the US government handled it, but here in Sweden, as well as in Norway and Finland, it was decided to have a mass-vaccination of as many citizens as possible. In Sweden 18 Million doses of Pandemrix was bought from Glaxosmithkline at a cost of 1.3 Billion SEK (200 MUSD). The government and media created a pandemic hysteria, and Swedes quickly lined up to get vaccinated. 5.3 Million Swedes got the shot, ranging from babies to 95-year- olds, during a period of just two months during the autumn of 2009. Quite rapidly however, the flu cases declined and thus the interest to get vaccinated.

The pandemic was quickly forgotten. But suddenly, in August 2010, reports started popping up of a higher frequency than normal of the neurological desease Narcolepsy among children and youngsters having been vaccinated with Pandemrix in Finland. Soon cases in Sweden and Norway were found, and today there are more than 150 cases in Sweden alone. The reason for this side effect is due to a "booster" substance in the Pandemrix vaccine containing a much debated component called Squalene.

The total cost for the Swedish society for the mass-vaccination campaign was 5.3 Billion SEK (800 MUSD), but the cost for the children and youngsters affected with Narcolepcy cannot be measured in money, with severe symptoms and medication for the rest of their lives...

On top of that, the agreement between the Swedish government and Glaxosmithkline contains a disclaimer stating that Glaxosmithkline has no responsibility for potential side effects of the vaccine. So it is up to the government to handle any compensation for the Neorolepsy victims. Here is a video clip on the compensation topic from Norway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5M4rvt9DIk

Well, let's see how the next pandemic scare is handled, if any lessons have been learned...

All the best,