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People For Reason In Science and Medicine is a pro-health, pro-environment, anti-vivisection organization which promotes a healthy plant-based diet, a clean environment and exposes the lies of the bio-medical industry. We educate the public regarding harmful pharmaceuticals, the truth behind disease charity organizations and, using solid scientific principles, refute any and all claims that medical breakthroughs have come about through the fraud of vivisection.

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Stop the atrocities at the baby monkey lab at the University of Washington and shut it down for good

The primate research taking place at University of Washington is scientifically meaningless. Experiments on baby monkeys are fraudulent and cannot be extrapolated to humans, but University of Washington vivisectors routinely perpetrate barbaric experiments on baby monkeys such as inducing convulsions, disfiguring eyes, suffocating them, torturing babies while still in their mothers' wombs, causing deformities and more.

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Every year our air, water, soil and farm products become increasingly toxic, poisoned by millions of tons of deadly chemicals, most of them tested on animals. Animal testing is the unscientific methodology used by the chemical/pharmaceutical industry to assess toxic compounds before putting them out on the market. The inconclusive, erroneous nature of animal testing creates a smoke screen - an alibi which permits the continued manufacture of thousands of toxic and hazardous chemicals.
The Connection between Animal Testing, the Environment, and Human Health
Written by the PRISM research committee with excerpts from Animal Experimentation: the Hidden Cause of Environmental Pollution, written by Ms. Hoorik Davoudian-Telle

As I Lay Dying

By Laurie Becklund -
A Former Staff Writer For the L.A. Times Who Died of Cancer on February 8, 2015

OP-ED - L.A. TIMES SUNDAY, February 25, 2015

“The medical establishment tells me I have ‘failed’ a number of therapies. That’s not right. The establishment and its therapies have failed me.”

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"Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last wheat field has turned to dust will greedy men realize we cannot eat money". - Anon