Links to Other Sites
British Anti-vivisection organization. Can Order books, pamphlets and the documentary BAD MEDICINE
Can download list of disease charities that do and do not experiment on animals (Click on "SEARCH" under "CHARITIES" then click on "YES", "NO" or "EITHER" under "HUMAN SEAL APPROVAL?", click "BEGIN SEARCH"
Information on the dangers and side-effects of vaccines
Organizations that work hard to save our planet but need reminding, whenever they refer to animal testing, that animal testing harms the environment
Howard Lyman is the ex-rancher who is now a vegan and vocal advocate for a plant-based diet
Arguably, the most important environmental organization of all
Captain Paul Watson is the leader of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He and his crew patrol the seas and enforce international laws protecting sea life
Raises awareness of the relationship between people, animals and the environment, and educates the public regarding the fraud and waste of animal experimentation and the harm it inflicts on humans
Resources for people who are interested in a plant-based diet and life-style

Here are links to sites that offer help on detoxification, healing and healthy lifestyles
Offers an incredible amount of information on diet, vaccines, longevity and healthy living
Doctor Kelley's "Answer to Cancer"
M.D. and natural healer of cancer
Offers detoxing and healing
Much useful information on natural therapies
Thermography offers a safe alternative to potentially cancer-causing mammograms
Healthy foods and products
Advice, motivation and support for living on a raw food diet
A fun guide to all things green and mom related
Natural cancer healing.