Every day people in this country go about living their lives; doing the best they can, earning a living, spending time with families, enjoying recreational activities --- and ignoring what is most important --- educating themselves about how to maintain a healthy body . Without your health, all those other things don’t really matter all that much.

Meanwhile, the people of the Pharmaceutical-Medical Industrial Complex are not sitting idly by, merely hoping their drugs and therapies will be bought and used to garner them billions of dollars in profits; no, these people are hard at work manipulating and frightening the public into taking drugs and enduring therapies that kill them. They flood the media with commercials, advertisements, phony news stories of “breakthroughs” (not ready yet, we need more money) doctors’ advice on how to treat disease, warnings not to allow yourself to be treated by “quacks” and in general, brainwashing the public into believing everything they say is good, and anybody who says otherwise is suspect, naive or dangerous. The result: your brains have been put on hold and you become sheep—for which Big Pharma has nothing but contempt, even as they fleece you.

Most people are not going to take the time to find out the truth for themselves, will not spend time finding out who the AMA really is, or the Cancer Society or any of the disease groups that raise money for fraudulent animal experimentation in order to enrich the coffers of the Pharmaceutical-Medical Industrial Complex. It is not until a terrible disease is upon them, the medical industry fails them, and their loved one is dying and suffering unbearable pain that the frightening realization comes; “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO DO.”

Now that disease rates are skyrocketing and the chances of people getting diseases at a rate unthinkable in the 1950’s is very probable, isn’t it time for you to make sure YOU are in control of your health instead of handing it over to those who profit from your disease? Isn’t it time to FINALLY take action before you or your loved one is lying in a hospital bed consumed by unbearable pain, inundated with useless “therapies” even after doctors have pronounced that death is imminent?

Ask yourself why the AMA and the Cancer Society are so dedicated to destroying alternative methods of healing, like those of Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. William Donald Kelley or Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski? Ask yourself, why do they persecute, name call and do everything in their power to destroy doctors who are actually healing patients and not playing the money game (drugs, chemo, radiation) the way they are “supposed” to?

Why did the AMA spend decades trying to destroy chiropractic before they were found guilty in court of trying to destroy the chiropractic profession and ordered to pay damages for defaming an honorable method of healing, with the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the ruling?

Why has the AMA been in bed with the tobacco industry for decades, even giving money to members of Congress who support the tobacco industry?

Why does the AMA have a history of fighting against smoking bans? Why, when the Surgeon General warned that there was overwhelming evidence that smoking causes cancer, did the AMA say, “not so fast”, and insist they do their own research funded by the TOBACCO INDUSTRY? And does it make any sense to you that in the process, hundreds of thousands of animals were addicted to tobacco and killed, which, of course, had nothing to do with millions of humans dying of their tobacco addictions?

Ever wonder how chemotherapy became so popular even though it destroys, along with cancer cells (temporarily), most other cells in the body? Read about how, after we dropped the atom bomb on Japan, the head of the Atomic Energy Commission, Lewis Strauss, became a board member of Sloan-Kettering and decided aiming radiation at cancer cells would be a good idea and how at the same time, James Douglas, owner of many radium mines, told Sloan-Kettering Hospital, he’d be happy to donate a lot of money to them if they’d push radiation as a cancer “treatment”. Obviously, that was an offer they couldn’t refuse.

You will be fascinated to read that, also after World War II, the Military-Industrial complex comes head to head with the Medical-Pharmaceutical Complex again, and move forward in perfect tandem when the head of the U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service, Cornelius Rhoads, goes to work for Sloan-Kettering Hospital and decides, since mustard gases were so effective in killing Germans, they will be great “treatments” for cancer. The fact that patients react violently to these doses of chemotherapy, or die, is of little consequence to the doctors who use them. (Go to Chemotherapy Quotes on this site)

Also, please ask yourself, where did real medical breakthroughs that save lives really come from --- not through animal experiments, as vivisectors claim, but through clinical trials and accidental discoveries from treating injuries sustained because of war, various traumas, including falls, drownings, car, train and plane accidents that affect human beings.

You would think that having a monopoly on people’s minds and bodies, making billions of dollars a year foisting toxic drugs on an unthinking, trusting public and making billions of dollars more with toxic treatments that maim and kill would satisfy the Pharmaceutical-Medical Industrial Complex.

But no--- it doesn’t.

They also have to add insult to injury by actually persuading the people they’ve injured (or their loved ones) to raise even more money for them through a multitude of disease groups. They also persuade celebrities who have lost loved ones to various diseases and toxic medical therapies to raise money for them through these same disease groups. And where celebrities lead, the public follows, until we have become awash in pink, blue, and purple ribbons, all raising money for the people who kill us.

If you’re one of those people who wears the pink ribbons, maybe you should finally ask yourself, “Since there still is no cure to anything, and they’ve been taking our money for several decades with no result whatsoever, where the heck is that money going and why isn’t it doing any good? Search for the information yourself, but here’s a hint, most of it goes to salaries and overhead for the disease groups and to vivisectors who experiment on animals in laboratories.

And so we have reached the crux of our problem; the entire rotten Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry uses vivisection as their excuse for the harm they cause us. All the drugs, all the treatments they inflict on us are tested on animals, skewed to show what they want to show, tested on a few people, and then no matter what the negative affects on those people may be, are released on the market to make money. (Check out Dangerous Drugs and Recalls on our site) And when the human damage reports come in and people start dying, Big Pharma is protected; they have done their animal tests as required.

What a different world this would be if we took away Big Pharma’s cornerstone; vivisection.

Now it’s time for you to do your homework; check out our site, go to Gary Null’s site, check out the Kelley method, Doctor Gonzalez, wheat grass, read about a plant based diet and how it can affect diabetes, read about vaccines and the dangers they pose, chemotherapy, phony “virus epidemics”, about how allopathic and naturopathic medicine can work together effectively, read Slaughter of the Innocent and Naked Empress and other books on our site, find out how you can help clean up the environment, and investigate as many more related topics as you can fit into your schedule. Do it before you’re faced with the awful moment at someone’s hospital bedside when a loved one is suffering, and doctors are intimidating you, making you feel confused and unsure, and you have say to yourself, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” Because then it will probably be too late.