PRISM has a :60 PSA that describes the scientific argument against vivisection in an easy-to-understand, succinct manner. It needs to be heard! Help us get the PSA on a radio station near you! Click to hear it.

Periodically and more frequently, as we grow, PRISM will announce e-mail/phone/letter writing campaigns targeting people, organizations and legislators regarding the environment, health and anti-vivisection. Meanwhile, everyone needs to empower themselves to act individually. Below are a few suggestions.

1. Learn the scientific argument against vivisection. There are resources on our site to help you educate yourself. The argument is basic common sense and easy to learn.

2. For a deep understanding of vivisection and the pharmaceutical industry read SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT AND NAKED EMPRESS by Hans Ruesch.

3. Write to public officials on a regular basis and let them know you are against animal experimentation because it harms human health and the environment.

4. Write to celebrities who raise money for vivisection (almost all of them do) and tell them that in spite of their good intentions what they are doing is harming, not helping people. Many of them do not even realize that the disease organization they support is involved in animal experimentation. Celebrities regularly change agents/representatives. To find out their current agent call Screen Actors Guild at 1-800-503-6737. A few high profile celebrities who raise money for cancer “research” are Ellen De Generes, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Josh Brolin, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Anniston, Melissa Etheridge, Marg Helgenberger, Cheryl Crow, James Taylor, Mariah Carey, Katie Couric, Halle Berry, Beyonce and Keanu Reeves. Marlo Thomas is continuing her father’s legacy of raising money for the fraud and suffering at St Jude’s Research Hospital and everyone knows of Jerry Lewis’ perpetual fund raising for his own profit and that of muscular dystrophy vivisectors.

5. Put notes in disease organization donation boxes and return envelopes when they solicit by mail and let them know why you will not contribute to them. A list of disease organizations that do and do not experiment on animals can be found at PCRM’s site at click on “either” and choose USA in the “country” box. (Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine focuses on health issues and the cruelty argument against vivisection. Rarely do they focus on the scientific fraud argument)

6. Help get anti-vivisection ads published and commercials on the air by supporting PRISM.

7. Write to newspapers and magazines when you find articles that claim vivisection is valid and/or has caused a major medical “breakthrough” and let them know their claims are bogus.

8. Write to animal organizations such as the Humane Society and PETA who allow the public to think that “some” animal experimentation has been beneficial to humans and encourage them to tell the truth.