People for Reason and Science in Medicine

An Introduction

In the past several years we have seen an escalation of destructive forces at work on our planet; climate change, the pollution of our air, land, oceans, lakes, streams, and the extinction of thousands of species. Our food has become inundated with toxic chemicals and our bodies poisoned with a wide variety of poisonous drugs and vaccines. And as people have become more and more dependent on drugs, disease rates have skyrocketed.

For too long the majority of the public has remained passive, allowing this to happen with only a few lonely voices crying out in protest. Now finally, when the environment and our health are at the edge of an abyss, the public is forced to accept the fact that they have become victims of corporate greed and something needs to be done - now.

People for Reason in Science and Medicine is dedicated to making it absolutely crystal clear who must take most of the responsibility for the morass in which we find ourselves regarding both planetary and human health: the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry.

For decades this industry, which is the most profitable in the world, has not only polluted our air, land, water, food and our bodies but have, using their extraordinary profits, convinced the public that everything they do is for our own good. They have brainwashed the public to believe that cleaning up the environment would cost jobs and ruin the economy, banning toxic fertilizers would allow crops to be destroyed and be catastrophic to farmers, and of course, global warming is a figment of the imaginations of thousands of wacky environmental scientists.

When people fall victims to the lies we are force-fed by the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry and become diseased, we are told by this same industry that “cures” to every disease are just around the corner; all we have to do is keep giving the richest industry on the planet more money via disease charities and some day, hopefully, those magic cures will appear. Their message is, forget a healthy diet, forget cleaning up the environment, those wonderful saviors in white lab coats will make us well, regardless of our diet, lifestyle, or the negative effects of chemical pollutants.

The cornerstone on which their lies are based is the billion dollar industry of animal experimentation (vivisection). Whenever a toxic chemical or drug is poised to hit the market, animal testing, along with limited clinical trials are used to affirm its safety. When the toxin causes damage and death, a slap on the wrist by the FDA is a minor irritant compared to corporate profits.

It is a scientific fact that experimentation on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans but with the ability of the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry to control the information that comes out in the media regarding so called “medical research”, the public believes just the opposite even though the fraud of animal testing should at times hit them squarely between the eyes. When Los Angeles was being sprayed with Malathion in the 1980’s a Daily News article quoted vivisectors for and against the spraying. IN THE SAME ARTICLE both sides quoted animal tests that said Malathion WAS harmful to humans or WASN’T harmful to humans depending on who paid for the tests. That animal tests are so easily skewed is very convenient for drug companies and polluters.

Well-meaning celebrities are the pied pipers for the drug/bio-medical industry. They help convince the public that “cures” will come from animal experimentation, many of them not knowing that is where the money will go. These celebrities have blindly accepted the disease charities’ propaganda and believe they are doing something wonderful for humanity. PRISM intends to reach out to these celebrities, share with them the facts and convince them to stop raising millions of dollars for the people who create disease, and help us expose them.

The goal of PRISM is to educate the public regarding the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry with e-mail and letter campaigns, documentary screenings, television, radio, magazine and newspaper ads and live debates. We will steer people towards a healthy plant-based diet and empower them to debate any vivisector regarding the fraud of animal experimentation. When vivisection ends and polluters and drug manufacturers can no longer hide behind it, they will have to limit themselves to producing only drugs that are useful in surgery, pain reduction, trauma, etc. And toxic chemicals will be exposed for the killers that they are. Not as profitable for them but much healthier for the rest of us.

Standing up to the richest industry in the world might have seemed like a lost cause a few years ago but now that the results of trusting that industry have become catastrophic, our job has become much easier; just point people toward the obvious.

We hope you will join us in our quest for a healthier more livable and compassionate planet. We welcome your input, your questions, your help and your donations. We will use it all wisely and value your interest and concern.

Sandra Bell
Britt Lind