PRISM Board of Directors

Sandra Bell - Co-Director

Sandra Bell has limitless energy and a zest for life that is clearly the result of having been a vegetarian since birth and a vegan since the mid eighties. As a child her talent as a dancer was clearly evident and she went on to study in New York and have a successful career in ballet. Marriage and motherhood pointed her life in another direction and being fortunate enough to know the dangers of vaccines she resisted the pressure from the medical monopoly to vaccinate her baby and the result is a very healthy, handsome son who grew up without suffering the usual vaccine-caused childhood afflictions. Sandra then began networking with others as committed to natural health as she and through much reading and research her self-education continued and expanded. She realized that all the various environmental, health and anti-drug/vaccine groups were committed to a common goal and were working on what seemed like different issues but were actually interconnected pathways to the same goal. When she became aware of the role that animal experimentation and testing plays in damaging human health, she joined an anti-vivisection organization and developed her leadership qualities. She devoted herself to educating the public regarding the fraud perpetrated by the bio-medical empire and helped organize huge demonstrations and press conferences. She and several other health advocates, founded PRISM and immediately published several booklets and other educational materials. The formation of PRISM has finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together in one organization. Sandra still has a passion for dance and works part-time as a choreographer and dance teacher but most of her energy is spent on health and environmental issues which is the focus of her life.

Britt Lind - Co-Director

Britt Lind was born in Norway and grew up in Seattle, Washington. She has worked as an actress since being cast in PLAY MISTY FOR ME while living and going to school in Monterey, California. She moved to Los Angeles to continue her acting career where she worked mainly in episodic television and soap operas. She married a successful producer and gave birth to a beautiful daughter Erika. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Britt's environmental activism began in the early 1980's when she read an article about Paul Watson and The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and convinced her husband that he should have Paul fly down to Los Angeles and make a television movie dramatizing Paul's incredible story. Paul flew down, the T.V. movie didn't happen but Paul made other connections in Hollywood which helped raise large donations for the Sea Shepherd Society. Britt was an active member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society when she attended a screening of Javier Burgos' HIDDEN CRIMES which exposed the fraud and lies of the drug/bio-medical industry. The documentary had a tremendous impact on her and she realized that animal experimentation was something she could not ignore. After researching the topic of vivisection on her own, while still being a member of several environmental organizations, including the Sea Shepherd Society, she decided to focus her activism in that area. During this time of global warming, over-population, drug disasters and sky-rocketing doctor-caused diseases, Britt believes that people are more open than they ever have been to hearing the facts about the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry and that PRISM encompasses all the various movements working toward reversing destructive, un-healthy trends regarding the planet and every form of life it sustains.

Suzanne Matthews, R.N. - Board Member

Suzanne Matthews has been a registered nurse for over 36 years, having worked in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and now Martha's Vineyard. Somehow she also managed to indulge her passion for pursuits as varied as figure skating, ballroom dancing, flamenco guitar, playing the violin, and as if that didn't keep her busy enough, somehow found time to play tournament poker. While living in Los Angeles, Suzanne became a vegan and devoted her time and effort to the rescue and adoption of homeless animals. In the 1980's she joined the anti-vivisection movement and learned of the fraud of animal experimentation from the documentary Hidden Crimes. In her desire to share her knowledge with others, she became a founding member of PRISM and has since dedicated her life to educating the public and her fellow health professionals regarding the harm humans suffer as a result of animal testing. Suzanne is now gradually making the transition toward eating only raw foods, a diet she considers the ultimate in promoting health and limitless energy, and that is something about which Suzanne is certainly an expert!


Paul Borraccia - Director Los Angeles Chapter of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water

Alix Fano, M.A. - Urban and Environmental Policy � Author of LETHAL LAWS, Green Schools Consultant

Howard Lyman - "The Mad Cowboy", Fourth Generation Rancher, Vegan, Author and Speaker

Sue Marston - Writer, Researcher - Vaccine Damage

John Pierre - Nutritionist, Fitness Consultant

Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Activist, Environmentalist, Author, Lecturer