For everyone who is actively working to end animal experimentation, it is not enough to talk about cruelty or moral or philosophical arguments. The hard truth is that if people think torturing animals will bring cures to humans most of them will shut their eyes to the horrors of vivisection labs and support its continuance. SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT is the first book ever written which directly discusses the scientific arguments against the needless use of animals as a part of medical progress. Mr. Ruesch spent countless years compiling this gut wrenching masterpiece. He successfully lifts the veil of secrecy which has always been an important part of research establishments and the medical community as well, giving the reader a peek at what REALLY goes on after the laboratory doors are closed. His words reveal some of the worst atrocities anyone could possibly imagine. With his creative style and excellent documentation, Mr. Ruesch washes away the excuses of doctor apologists for animal experimentation with facts showing not only that animals aren't needed for medicine/health to move forward, but the use of which often leads to detrimental and misleading findings, and catastrophic results. This wonderful yet disturbing volume is a must read for anyone interested in ending this destructive, brutal fraud perpetrated by the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry for the sake of monetary profit.

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